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last year, there were just over 900 confirmed. less than every year since 2003. >> so it's no consolation to millions of people digging out and cleaning up this morning. >> and for a look at who is getting the worst of it, we are turn to jim dickey. >> good morning, john and diana. well, a wintry pest on tap for portions of the northeast. area of low pressure strengthening along the coast moving its way north and eastward dragging warmth with it. many spots along the coast and cities along i-95, boston, new york city, a mix to just plain rain as we head through the afternoon. as you track further inland heavy snow through the snow well in excess of a foot, vermont, new hampshire, central and western maine. john and diana, back to you. >> the "gma" team is spread out to cover the latest storm, complete coverage coming up at 7:00 a.m. ♪ and our major story is the official installation of pope francis as the leader of the world's catholics.
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>> yeah, the pope is holding his inaugural mass this morning at the vatican receiving his papal vestments and fisherman's ring which is cast in gold for each pope who is a leader around the world they are there are for the historic event that involves six reigning monarch, 31 heads of state, princes, first ladies and vice president joe biden leads the u.s. delegation. in contrast to today's pageantry yesterday the pope sat down with serious talks with the president of argentina his anyway tifr country. though they appeared cordials pope and president cristina kirchner have rarely seen eye to eye and often clashed with her over legalizing gay marriage calling it the devil's handiwork and called gay adoption discrimination against children. >> listen to these numbers, seven in ten american catholics say the pope's top priority should be addressing the sex scandal in the church and more than three-quarters say he should lift the birth control
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ban and 64% say let priests marry. >> speaking of powerful social issues the latest abc news poll finds that support for gay marriage has reached a new high. 58% of americans now say it should be legal for gay and lesbian couples to wed including overwhelming approval from those under the age of 30. that's a big increase in just seven years. in 2004 only 32% of americans favored gay marriage. former secretary of state hillary clinton becomes the highest or the latest high-profile politician to have a change of heart on the issue of gay marriage. she spoke about it in a new video. >> to deny the opportunity to any of our daughters and sons solely on the basis of who they are and who they love is to deny them the chance to live up to their own god-given potential. >> interesting timing here. some experts say clinton's announcement is part of her preparation to run for president in 2016. >> president obama leaves tonight on a new mideast mission
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traveling to israel for high-level meetings with prime minister netanyahu and comes at a critical time. he will try to appeal to their elected officials to allow time for sanctions against iran to work before attempting military action. the president will also visit the west bank and jordan. also in the middle east an american citizen emerging as the alternative to president bashar al assad in syria. he is from texas and elected early this morning as the leader of the opposition and could be the first prime minister if the government of al assad is ever toppled. to a close call for thousands of college students walking around campus with a heavily armed gunman in their midst but police swooped down on the university of central florida before their fellow student could carry out his plot. here's pierre thomas with the latest. >> reporter: hundreds at the university of central florida evacuated as word broke of a gunman on campus. >> the cops had guns and were telling everyone to run. >> we noticed something was
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wrong because we saw a policeman with a big rifle and everything. >> reporter: it turns out the students may have narrowly escaped a pass kerr. >> it could have been a very bad day. >> reporter: police believe that james was going to set them up for slaughter. his roommate warned police and police responded within minutes. >> and found the subject dead from a single gunshot wound to the head. >> reporter: the evidence left behind was chilling. >> we found some notes and some writings that indicated that this was a planned attack. >> reporter: police discovered a .22 caliber assault rifle and .45 caliber pistol and sources tell us there were hundreds of rounds of ammunition and high-capacity magazines including a drum magazine similar to the type used in the colorado theater mass shooting. police discovered four suspected improvised explosive devices in ray backpack lined with
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shrapnel. who knows what kind of damage they could have done. pierre thomas, abc news, washington. >> our thanks to pierre. another note about the extreme weather that we've had, it could mean that the school year will last well into the summer in massachusetts. >> yeah, in order to meet a 180-day requirement, districts are tracking the missed days on the end of the school year a -- atta tacking them on, i should say which could mean the end of june. miller park is filled with snow. temperatures have been so low that they can't just let it melt away and that means that snow removal crews are ready to descend on the ballpark this week. >> the hot dogs -- man, let's get into summer. >> frozen dogs. that might take several days. >> check out this precipitation of another kind. it's just -- connecticut avenue outside of our nation's capital, washington, d.c. 25-foot geyser forcing the road
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to close last night and may impact this morning's commute. >> wow! >> impressive. >> business news next including a menu makeover for a fast food chain. wait till you hear what the king is cooking up. later in "the pulse," the prank pulled on an unsuspecting anchorwoman and all of it live on television. of course, we'll be back.
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okay, welcome back. the effects of the economic problems in cypress have reached our shores and u.s. markets lost ground on worries that the small european island nation.
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and the possibility of a wider eurozone economic crisis. the dow fell 62 points for its second consecutive loss but overseas markets and u.s. stock futures are both up this morning. >> lulu lemon pulling some of its yoga pants off the shelves saying some of the fabric is too sheer on black pants recently that was delivered to the stories and lulu lemon say it doesn't know why it happened but are offering refunds to those who bought it and will hurt their bottom line. they were saying they were kind of almost see-through. >> you don't seem to have a problem with this story. >> not at all. you're wearing them right now. right? >> yes, of course. the latest burger king burger is turkey. literally the fast food chain is offering a turkey sandwich for a limited time. if it's popular enough it could be part of the regular menu. it is trying a veggie burger and one stuffed with bacon and cheddar. that's the one i'm talking about and a pina colada smoothie. >> i'll try it, why not. as we enter march madness the top seed in the ncaa tournament is also the most valuable college basketball team.
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louisville is worth $38.5 million to the school. kansas is second at $33 million edging out third place, which is north carolina. "forbes" says those three schools are always at or near the top of the list. and you can now climb the world's highest mountains from the comfort of your own home. street view on google maps now includes ground level photos from everest, kilimanjaro and other peaks, the work of a google employee who loves to climb mountains -- how cool is that -- and took a team to these mountains and took pictures so you can really almost get the experience. obviously you can't but still pretty cool. >> that's pretty cool. i'll take it from here. >> if i was going to do a trip to kilimanjaro i would probably watch the video in anticipation. >> i'm not going to take a trip and i'll still watch it. >> i won't jump out of a plane but i'd hike kilimanjaro. >> who understands this guy. coming up, new details in a 23-year-old caper, the biggest art museum heist in history. and lindsay lohan's latest courtroom confrontation. >> how did we go from art to lindsay lohan?
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it's a treacherous morning commute from western pennsylvania into vermont, new hampshire and maine, s slippery roads around the great lakes and slick spots remain across the midwest. thunderstorms drench highways in florida, a wet ride from seattle all the way to san francisco. >> now, if you're flying, airport delays are possible in boston, san francisco and miami. all right, getting back to the news now, the new clues in a art heist that's been a mystery for 23 years. >> very interesting. fbi agents say they know who stole the paintings, but they are more interested in getting the artwork back. sean kelly has the latest from boston. ♪ >> reporter: their place on the dutch room wall is still hanging, a 23-year-old reminder of the most significant art heist in history. for the first time the fbi says they know who cut the paintings out and stole a total of half a billion dollars worth of artwork from the isabella stuart museum.
4:14 am
>> they developed crucial pieces that confirmed the identity of those who entered the museum and others associated with the theft who belong to a criminal organization. >> reporter: fbi boston's special agent in charge refused to give names adding to the mystery, he wouldn't say if they're dead or alive. >> i'm not convinced. >> reporter: journalist steven kurkjian has invested for almost two decades. >> not on the cusp they're still on the trail. >> reporter: still your favorite mystery? >> it's boston's last best secret. >> reporter: whoever stole the rembrandts, vermeer may have gotten away with it. >> for the actual thievery that occurred on that evening since it's over 23 years ago, the statute of limitations would have run. >> reporter: this public service announcement started airing on the web in specific regions in the northeast, the last time the boston fbi produced a psa for the world to see -- >> he has a violent temper. >> reporter: -- it led to the capture of james whitey bulger. days later. >> reporter: the isabella stuart gardner museum is offering a reward of $5 million for information leading directly to the recovery of all of our art
4:15 am
in good condition. >> reporter: the fbi's publicity campaign is for a global audience but they'll target connecticut and philadelphia, it was taken to and put up for all of the artwork was taken and put up for sale in the years after the heist. in boston i'm sean kelly for abc news. in ohio new developments in the rape case that's drawn nationwide attention. two teenaged girls have been arrested for making threats against the victim on facebook and twitter. the girls are being held in juvenile detention charged with menacing. a grand jury is now looking into whether anyone else should be charged for not speaking up after that attack last summer. lindsay lohan has reached a last-minute plea deal which will keep her out of jail. the scandal-plagued star will have to be in a lockdown rehab for three months, perform community service and get 18 months of psychological therapy. but the hearing aftermath was not without drama. lohan's father, michael, shouted down her lawyer during a press conference. he claims his daughter simply
4:16 am
did not get fair representation. >> but he got a photo-op. time for sports highlights from espn news. i'm chris hassel with your "sportscenter" update. the miami heat down 17 at boston last night trying to win their 23rd game in a row. first half, one of the better dunks you'll see all season. norris cole to lebron james. and that's jason terry. roadkill there and then it's james in the fourth putting miami up 2 with 10.5 seconds to play. boston gets a chance, paul pierce, no. and miami has done it, now all alone, second longest winning streak in nba history, 105-103. elsewhere, world baseball classic, dominican republic taking on the netherlands in the semifinals. in the first, netherlands up 1-0. andruw jones, popped foul. moises sierra diving into the stands for the catch. his first name is moises, remember moises alou and, yeah, that guy playing the role of steve barton almost, although he
4:17 am
didn't get in the way. look who's there, moises alou. working with the d.r. general manager. bottom fifth, same score, dominican republic taking charge. sierra doubling down the left field line, carlos santana scores, man on third, jose reyes, single to center, sierra coming in to score, it's 2-1. later in the inning, dominican republic up 3-1, and adding to it, edwin encarnacion, up the middle, the run scores and dominican republic has 7-0 in the world baseball classic and will face puerto rico in the final later on tonight. that's your sports update. i'm chris hassel. have a nice day. >> all right, chris, thank you. coming up next, "the pulse." is tiger woods settling down again.
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i've always wanted to be a nurse. hurricane sandy turned out to be very devastating, the floodwater, people were out of heat and electricity. my patients had no i've always wanted to be a nurse. hurricane sandy turned out to be very devastating, the floodwater, people were out of heat and electricity. my patients had no insulin. i will never forget being with diane. we had to enter a building 17 flights up, very dark. >> what kind of medicine for her. >> diane asked my patient what she needed. >> we want to know how you're doing. >> she didn't leave it at that. she wanted to know what the end results are. in spanish she is -- [ speaking a foreign language ] she would definitely make a very good nurse. i'm rosita ortiz and that's my abc "world news" story. time to check "the pulse," these are stories everybody will be talking about all day long. don't worry about picking out a wedding gift for lindsey vonn and tiger woods despite these
4:21 am
lovey-dovey pictures they posted on facebook. the experts say the relationship won't last. what do they know? >> i don't know about that at all. >> they may be great for each other. woods in particular will be under extra scrutiny because he cheated on his wife and every time he talks to a pretty girl vonn will know about it, says a relationship expert. they say it's a disaster waiting to happen. i think they're being haters. i think they make a nice couple. >> one relationship that also played out in the tabloids is making news again. >> former justin bieber flame selena gomez seemed to get the last word on "the david letterman last night." >> the last time he was on, he and i got into a conversation and i -- he said something and i said something and then he said something and i said something, and i made him cry. >> well, then that makes two of us. [ applause ] >> nice, pretty sharp selena and
4:22 am
she also says she's happily single. there you go. >> justin taking his lumps these days. >> you go-girl. >> two-on-one there. we've all seen the dramatic moment when a news anchor reads from a piece of copy, we've got breaking news for you. >> those words had a personal effect on a anchor in huntsville, alabama, this week. take a listen. >> fox 54 has just learned that a huntsville news anchor is being proposed on live tv -- >> all right. we're leaving right now. >> jillian pavlica, will you marry me? >> yes. >> ah. >> how about that? >> gets me every time. >> i know. >> as you heard, she said yes to her longtime boyfriend who managed to pull off this proposal as a complete surprise, and we say to you, congratulations to you both. >> confession here, i don't like gimmicky proposals. that one was good. i like it. thumbs up. >> good job. bs up. >> good job.
4:23 am
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good tuesday morning at 4:28. thanks for joining us. >> first up, check out the weather forecast and see how we will do with the rain that we might get? mike? >> a few sprinkles. that is it. the roads are dry. can you see on live doppler 7 hd we do not have wide-spread areas of organized wet weather. just a sprinkle or two. it will be gray the better part of today with scattered sprinkles possible. that is it. temperatures in the mid-to-upper 60's and mid-50's at the coast. >> no sprinkles now on the golden gate bridge. everything is good. it is clear. we had lane closings over the top of the waldo grade but no road work. that is probably picked up now. you will have four lanes for the commute. saratoga, there is a solo spinout, northbound 85 bond
4:27 am
saratoga avenue. the road work at northbound 680 between south and north mission but it will be picked up at 6:00 this morning. >> happening right now, ceremonies underway for pope francis' first official day as head of the roman catholic church. the thousands of people packed into the square for the inaugural mass and installation ceremony. katie marzullo is live in our newsroom with more. katie? >> the mass ended the last hour. the pope's work has not. we will look inside the basilica. you can see pope francis greeting dignitaries and religious leaders. he is shaking their hands. he is talking with them. he is praying. he has had a smile all morning. it is a long line of people. in st. peter's square thousands gathered all morning holding signs and waving flags. they came to watch pope francis
4:28 am
be installed as the new leader and to hear himself bright mass. he arrived in an open jeep circling and waving to all of the people. he got out of the jeep and laid hands on and kissed the forehead of a disabled man. pope francis received his fisherman's ring and vestment symbolizing the good ship hard. he focused on protection and asking people to take care of the weakest and poorest of the world. >> we are all protectors of creation, of the plan of god, written in nature, protectors of one another, of the environment. >> he ended by asking everyone to pray for him like he did the day he was elected. among those in the crowd was vice president biden. he led the united states delegation. there are heads of state from 31 countries in attendance. there are religious leaders
4:29 am
including jews and muslims and buddhists. he will meet with pope benedict on saturday for the first time in 600 years a former and current pope meet face to face. >> developing news, san jose police are investigating the circumstances after they shot and killed a man for the second time this month after a chase. the man was in a stolen car and tried to ram officers. abc7 news reporter, cornell bernard, is live in east san jose. cornell? >> still very much an active scene in east san jose. police are collecting evidence. there were several vehicles involved in this incident. some were unmarked police cars. the car you want do pay close attention to on the video is a white two-door honda that police say tried to run over an officer before the officer opened fire. sky 7 was over the seen minutes after it

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